The GleeCBD Development Process



Good CBD starts at the root (literally). We have partnered with local, trusted, Wisconsin farmers that grow the highest quality hemp in nutrient-rich soil. All of Glee’s partner family farmers use organic practices or are organic-certified.  All of the hemp is third-party tested, not only for cannabinoids, but also to make sure there are never any residual pesticides or heavy metals.



Each of our products undergo 3rd party lab testing three times during the lifecycle of making a CBD end-product such as a gel or an oil tincture.

  1. Glee 3rd party tests the raw hemp we receive from our partner hemp farmers for pesticides, heavy metals, mold and mildew.
  2. Glee performs a full-panel 3rd party lab test on the Phytocannabinoid oil we process. The full panel test includes pesticides, potency, heavy metals, microbial, mycotoxins and solvents.
  3. Glee 3rd party lab tests each batch of end-product for accurate potency readings prior to selling. You are able to see the end batch testing on our here by typing in the batch number found on your product.



Glee employs cold food-grade ethanol for extraction and pharmaceutical-grade molecular distillation equipment for post-processing to make Phytocannabinoid Oil in our FDA registered laboratory.

  1. Hemp extraction starts with a cold food-grade alcohol bath using all parts of the hemp plant.
  2. After all the compounds and molecules are removed from the hemp plant, we remove all the alcohol leaving a thick dark crude oil.
  3. The thick dark crude oil goes through a decarboxylation process to turn all the Cannabinoid Acids in the oil into active, non-acidic Cannabinoids.
  4. Lastly, we perform post-processing via molecular distillation equipment to remove the dark color and bitter taste.  This is where unwanted lipids and plant chlorophylls are removed.

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